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  1. Well in that case thanks for the advice Genghis ;). And thanks 3XJ for the testing and giving the item back
  2. I googled after it exploded and there are more people complaining about. I just googled the su transformers and can't find anything about su transformers. Maybe my search wasn't the best or maybe you are full of shit just like how you behave ingame.... how can I trust you little piglet? Is there a wolf or not?
  3. Your Name: MoweedItem Name + ID + Amount: 1 interdimensional SU Coordinates: -4598, 67, 1417Description of Issue: Spend couple hours making a interdimensional SU. Placed it next to a quantum solar panel and the IDSU exploded. Apparently the tooltip input rate of 8.192K EU/t is incorrect.
  4. I have seen people complaining about it in chat when it was going on. I saw this multiple times. Also saw other people acting like it was normal behavior from kahn. Kahn was also going proud about it in chat. I was already wondering why he wasn't banned yet and why other people just acted like it was normal. Now he hasn't done it with me and I don't know the guy who made this post but I do feel his pain and all the others who this happened too. I just happen to see this post and had to comment on it. Imo we don't want people like kahn on the server.
  5. I am curious about this as well
  6. Today I entered a nether portal I made. I got teleported to a portal that was made into a trap. It was build and claimed by a player named evilknuffel. Coords are X - 472, Z 294. Can someone please safe me
  7. Thanks! I got the patience. Just wanted to hear if it was being looked into. Thanks again.
  8. Hello, I play on the ultimate reloaded server and my ingame name is Moweed. I think the reset of the mining world bugged out my chunk loaders. I used the iron block ones on my mining setup. My setup is gone. When I try to make new chunk loaders I get the message that I don't have enough available chunk loaders. Can you help me out? Thanks, Moweed
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