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  1. I tried to share the screen shot but it was too big I have multiple chunks missing from my base including my entire ME system
  2. Your Name: HunterOverlord Town Name: Blood_Lords Coordinates: x: 2396 y: -374 z:-155 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 2/1/2021 any time Description of Issue: I have lost all of my witchery and blood magic areas because of someone griefing(with angel blocks). If possible could you please look into this I do not know who to kick out of my town I do not have personal beef with anyone that has access to this area (I think it was just a troll). Screenshots (Optional):
  3. Hello, me and some of the other players think Warm Blood should be added to the shop. The mod author of witchery was going to make Warm Blood implemented in the future as well as make level 10 vampires not burn in the sun. However the author quit updating the mod.
  4. on a side note the rite of shifting seasons not always working is a large issue it is an expensive thing to do and when player invest time into it they get mad and a decent amount of people are focusing on witchery at this moment.
  5. I had another issue I fixed that's why this is edited but rite of shifting seasons is not working right a lot of the magic biomes just default to a different biome instead of the desired one. Player Name: HunterOverlord
  6. Gamer tag: HunterOverlord I finally had time to see if the crashing was fixed and it is not so I used the unstuck package, but I still crash when I join. Is there anything else you can do to save me from my fate?
  7. Gamer tag: HunterOverlord Hi, I recently joined the server again. I tried to go to the deep dark around 11/6/2020 2:00 pm and crashed now whenever I join the server I crash. I tried to go to the deep dark on my private world and did not crash and had no issues whatsoever. If you can do anything to help it would be much appreciated. I do not care if I loose all my stuff I was just starting out; I just want to play the game. Sorry I could not find what format to put this in. Thank you In advance.
  8. Harassment PanzerDivision3/26-27/2020 The player PanzerDivision was annoying me, because we got in an argument so I /ignored him .Panzer is using his alts to bypass this and still is attempting to communicate with me even after I told him to stop several times. He says he has endless alts he is curently using BigSwiggoThuNu and MadenAnn. Panzer has also broken the rules of no creative and flying during pvp.List of eyewitnesses: SarcasticSigma TheDoinkle GreenandBlack2 There are others but I do not know the spelling of their names.
  9. I play DW 1.7 and we have the same problems with the shop. I actually just made a post about it when I saw this.
  10. It has come to my attention the shop in spawn is over and under priced also it is under stocked and unorganized. For examples of over priced 16 Redstone is $50 and 16 End Stone is $50; Redstone is easy to get in mass quantity, and you can get End Stone from the End Portal at spawn. For examples of under priced 1 Koboldite Ingot is $100 and 1 Koboldite Nugget is $50; Koboldite is not something that is easy to get you have to put Hobgoblins on leads then give them tools and on top of that make them mine ore to get it. For an example of under stocked the new players could make good
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