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  1. im so sorry ive been causing so much trouble
  2. i mean you could just use a death scroll instead of relying on /back
  3. Your Name: bananaawesome03 Coordinates: i don't know my coords you'll see why Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):around 4:00pm gmt+8 Description of Issue: i joined i died lost everything í was near my friends house doing some stuff and after that i asked if i could summon a mini boss [crimson epion] so i summoned it and he asked for help. help came and me and help fought the epion but i needed to go so i quit and the next day i join dead its like i was dying in server when i wasnt even on. i didnt even have a choice it instantly brought me to death screen. my lycanite tools got refunded and now this? bruh and it must take a long time for someone who has adv prot 4 and flying with fairy ring Screenshots (Optional):
  4. ok wait a minitue when i lost my sword u did a rollback am i right? so it went to the past and i lost ALOT of stuff in my inv but mostt ly it was a lycanites tool made of warg skull, geonach spear and a ent arm all lvl3
  5. The sword is EXACTLY i mean EXACTLY like MadSpring sword
  6. Your Name: Bananaawesome03Coordinates: -378 47 2819Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): GMT+8 12:35Description of Issue: my friend needed help so i went to help him i was killing all mobs until my sword suddenly disappeared it was perfectly fine and it has curse of possesion so it cannot be grabbed by other mobs or something, it had full durability and suddenly it just disappeared its not on floor or anything its just goneScreenshots (Optional): sorry i have no screen shots
  7. Your Name: bananaawesome03 [rlcraft server]Coordinates: -1064 63 405Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): i don't really remember the time it was around 1:00 pm till 3:00 pm Discription of issue: well you see my dragon egg disappeared when i breed my dragons when i breed my dragons i thought they were not breeding butthen i did some research and they did but there are no dragon eggs please help me basically my dragon egg disappered i waited soo long for this and the egg is just not there ;-;
  8. Ive kept refreshing over and over usually this happens because the server is restarting but it only takes like 2 mins but ive been waiting for 1 hour now it says when i join ''kicked whilst connecting:server is still restarting''
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