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  1. Your Name: TheGalaxy98Town Name: CFKCoordinates: x -852 y 65 z -2236 (NORTH)Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 18:00 CEST, 08/5/2020Description of Issue: after the server restart i destroyed 1 ME Controller because i had to move it, i everytime turn AOE Safe Mode On on my draconic staff of power but everytime the server restarts the AOE Safe mode turns off, i forgot that thing and i destroyed my half me system with 11x11x11 area, (why i had 11x11x11?) before the restart i was helping a guy to get rid of a mountain. Screenshots (Optional): https://drive.google.com/f
  2. Your Name: TheGalaxy98Town Name: Lisa@AgnCoordinates of Town: x -760 y 64 z -2211Town members: Agneciuss (major)Reason for request: these days I have been forced to request a town rollback just because I have been griefed on one side where I cannot claim because of this town inactive for over 2 months, in this way I can finally claim that side and avoid the constant requests for refund / rollback for grief / glitchScreenshot of town members activity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fm83ZcmimC6Esi0ffPoIJ7Zpa9_SkLIc/view
  3. you had it for a lot, also yesterday we have people who can proof you were racist too
  4. ok i will be honest, i dont even have something that can do thig hole also i everytime enable the AOE safe mode in my drac pickaxe,
  5. Your Name: TheGalaxy98 Town Name: CFK Coordinates: x -837 y 64 z -2239 Edge 1 [] x -837 y 63 z-2245 Chunk [] x -837 y 63 z -2259 Edge 2 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 03:30 CEST 1st August 2020 Description of Issue: there is a big hole in my base, 11x21x6, i want 1 chunk rollback and 2 edge rollback, i lost too much stuff and i dont know the complete list of the loses, there was a draconic energy core tier 4, ultimate/advanced solar panels, quantum solar panel, tesseract, some ic2 machines and more, Screenshots (Optional): Edge
  6. we want Innner Promotion to admin
  7. Your Name: TheGalaxy98 Item Name + Amount: * 1 Nether Star Generator * 5 Vibrant Capacitor Bank * 1 Tesseract Coordinates: x -833 y 60 z -2234 Description of Issue: I left the server with the chunk loaders active, once I returned to the server after the restart I noticed that the underground where I kept the lost items was all a bit destroyed Screenshots (Optional):
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