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  1. Your Name: Anacromacia Coordinates: 2418/88/-2320 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 7:20 GMT Description of Issue: accidentally broke a storage crate, everything was deleted when i was picking the items back up Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: Anacromacia Item Name + ID + Amount: inferium ore dimlet, glowstone dimlet, osmium dimlet, certus quartz dimlet, huge liquid orbs dimlet, magic wood dimlet, caves dimlet, lost cities dimlet, saturation 2 dimlet, obsidan shulker box filled with enchanted books, spell books and normal books, two emeradic AIOTs, one with sharpness V decay, efficiency 5 fortune 3 and looting 3, the other with sharpness 4 mending, efficiency 5 fortune 3 and looting 3, and xp boost 3, a time in a bottle with 5 hours and 20 mins loaded and soulbound 3, and a dragon egg, and at least 49 vote keys, and the
  3. uh, could you try a bit further back? it seems to have given me a completely different set of gear, try 25/01/21, 7:30m
  4. Your Name: Anacromacia Coordinates: -4557, 68, -4011 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 25/01/21, 8:00pm Description of Issue: after a server reset, my stuff had vanished due to it being inventory bombed Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: Anacromacia Item Name + ID + Amount: two dragon eggs, one emerald and one bronze and one dog fully upgraded with the doggy talents mod Base coordinates: -4557.5,68,-4011.5 Description of Issue: so there was a glitch which, first caused my dog to vanish mid air, and also vanish from the radar i had built, since the dog had a radio collar, then cause my dragons to vanish after spawning them. Screenshots (Optional):
  6. is there a refund policy for animals? two of mine seem to have vanished completely. I had a fully upgraded dog that vanished with a radio collar, and with the radar, it says that there are no dogs with one, and I also hatched a dragon egg, which seemed to have also vanished when it hatched. I tried to put it into a golden lasso and it had worked fine for the three other dragons i had hatched but then that one vanished despite being on my shoulder. i looked around for about 15 minutes and couldn't find it. I just wondered, since I hadn't seen anything on it in the templates edit: just now,
  7. you are an absolute godsend. Have a wonderful new year
  8. also just now, i was stuck in a boss fight from chance cubes, i punched the pig of destiny to end the fight, and all my armor got deleted. i got everything back but the armour. Its very annoying that this keeps happening. i got everything back, including my baubles, but the armour went poof
  9. nearly everything has been restored, but the axe, the greatsword, shu's breath and the shield has been ignored. could you double check?
  10. Your Name: kwekman Item Name + ID + Amount: Enchanted dragons scale armour and a set of dragons bone tools, all the armor with with protection 5 unbreaking 5,thorns 5, mending, unstable 1, last stand 2, vitae 5, all the tools with mending and unbreaking 5 helmet: aqua affinity, respiration 1, ender eyes, veteran chest plate: vigor 4, unstable 3 leggings: swift 4 boots: multi jump 3, nimble 6, depth strider, feather falling, frost walker 3 pick: ifrits grace, efficiency 5, fortune 5, sages blessing, range 4 axe: sages blessing, amileorated sharpness 5, efficienc
  11. The problem is, is that it is restoring gear that i had a few weeks ago, not the stuff i had just before the rollback which is the issue. I had enchanted dragon scale gear, and the stuff being restored is diamond gear. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Ill just ask for a refund on the gear
  12. uh, i forgot to close this, the inventory did not need to be rolled back, can you reverse that, i have so many things that i have lost due to that i resolved this issue yesterday a bit too far back as well
  13. Your Name: kwekman Item Name + ID + Amount: Enchanted dragons scale boots and iron boots, one with multi jump 2, unbreaking 3, prot 5, feather falling 2, thorns 5, last stand 2, vitae 4, nimble 2, and cloud walking 4 and the other with multi jump 1 Base coordinates: -4557.5,68,-4011.5 Description of Issue: so, i was flying around, had a bit of lag, landed, took off my boots, put them in my inventory, then after a server restart, noticed that my boots were gone. I went back home to retrieve the iron boots with multi jump, in order to make looking easier, and those vanished as well. Scree
  14. Your Name: kwekman Coordinates: -1271.7,97,70.453 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 4:00 EEST, (GMT +2) Description of Issue: so, all my boots which have multi-jump, no matter what level vanished today. i was flying over a plain, saw a dungeon and landed, which caused me to notice that i was slower than usual. i looked all around to see where they could have dropped, and tped home to grab a set of boots that only had the enchantement multi-jump at level 1. I picked it up, then put it into my inventory. I was shocked to find that i had picked something
  15. [1] In-Game Username: kwekman [2] Details of Situation: was banned without a reason, only thing shown on screen was that i was banned by an operator [3] Ban Category: no clue, only said that I was banned by an operator [4] Ban Duration: no clue, see above [5] Staff Member: see above [6] ScreenShots: <a href="https://ibb.co/BgD6p1H"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/THX0fCD/Capture.png" alt="Capture" border="0"></a> [7] Your Reason: i was banned and not given a reason or even an explanation, i should be unbanned or at least ha
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