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is there a refund policy for animals? two of mine seem to have vanished completely. I had a fully upgraded dog that vanished with a radio collar, and with the radar, it says that there are no dogs with one, and I also hatched a dragon egg, which seemed to have also vanished when it hatched. I tried to put it into a golden lasso and it had worked fine for the three other dragons i had hatched but then that one vanished despite being on my shoulder. i looked around for about 15 minutes and couldn't find it. I just wondered, since I hadn't seen anything on it in the templates

edit: just now, within my house, a dragon vanishes despite the door being shut, and any exits blocked, after me naming the dragon and feeding it 5 dragon meals. is there any way to stop this. 

for reference, the first missing one was a emerald baby dragon, the second was a bronze baby dragon named Smaug 

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