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  1. dude i was shooting to save me, you trying to come to me with your sword and stop lying
  2. I want to report ArtyArazor for not letting me to mine in end like he buy the whole end. ban him for 1 day and tell his ban message this: for trying to make the whole end your mining and killing all players around you need a ban for live and also uses flying items and lie on the server he hit me why he was on the ground, i was in mid-air while i was mining and i was getting hit by his sword, and also he stop the acces for players in end city
  3. At Removal Claim Request Make a change to make the deleted claims be Removal Claim Request to delete only claim and dont reset the claim, i mean to make it open to raids
  4. Your Name: SebastianPlay88Claim Leaders Name: kubik1212Coordinates of claim : -2254 64 4258Claim members: kubik1212Reason for request: he is ofline for more than 30 days
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