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  1. Your Name: OmegaGR Town Name: Greeks Coordinates: x -221 z -714 y 59 Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 19:30 (UTC+3) 12/4/2021 Description of Issue: Somehow while i was active my ic2 upgrades and all my me drives(including items inside vanished).Would like a rollback to recover them.Thanks(Apparently we were griefed by a hacker?!) Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: OmegaGR Item Name + Amount: 1 Ender quarry,2 tesseract,2 resonant solar panel,1 silk touch upgrade,speed III upgrade Coordinates: X53 Z-746 Y 71(in the mining world) Description of Issue: Quarry got deleted from the wipe Screenshots (Optional):
  3. In-Game Nickname: (F_Lost and Lews) Your Nickname (optional): OmegaGR Time and date:31/3/2021 23:50 UTC+3 Description of what happened:Those 2 are always spamming nonsense on global chat and talking ill about everyone they dont like and talking back to helpers.This time they wanted a silk touch book and because noone was giving them the book they started their ender dragon farm spamming the chat.The prevoius days a lot of people including helpers told them to move that to the nether or another dim but ofc they didnt cuz its not against the rules.That attitud
  4. I was able to join. Thanks for fixing it so quickly
  5. Hello i want to join ddss but cant seem to be able to login to the server.The thing is i can join singleplayer just fine but when i hit connect to the server on multiplayer it says logging in normally and after a while says connection lost disconnected.If i connect from the hub the error changes to Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host I have already tried increasing ram from 8 to 10gb, updating java, gpu drivers,reinstalling the modpack with and without any extras from the craftersland launcher and i tried the cur
  6. Your Name: OmegaGR Item Name + Amount: Ender Pearls 100k Coordinates: -226,-719,68 Description of Issue: While moving my resonant cache it bugged out and when i placed it down it was empty resulting in the loss of 100k ender pearls Screenshots (Optional):
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