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  1. Make a factions server instead, ignoring the features you mentioned to remove
  2. Hello. I do NOT think they got it from me, I KNOW they did it. And no, they didn't, a goon of theirs told me they robbed it from my inventory because of a 'bug', but didn't even bother in giving me another chestplate.
  3. Your Name: Derilccarlos2000 Item Name + Amount: Netherite chestplate with mending, unbreaking 3 and protection 4 in PS. Iron sword with sharp 5, unb 3, looting 3, fire asp 2, mending and sweeping edge 3 in assassin Description of Issue: Chestplate got robbed by a staff, didn't want to refund me back (won't mention names cause I'm no snitch but if they want they can come forward) . Iron sword got deleted by restart when I dropped it by accident, wasn't in my inventory neither in the floor Screenshots (Optional):
  4. [1] In-Game Username: Derilccarlos2000 [2] Details of Situation: I have been banned for hacked client [3] Ban Category: Temporary [4] Ban Duration: 7 days [5] Staff Member: MiniTermi777777 [6] ScreenShots: [7] Your Reason: tw// insults, caps, words, letters, colors, screenshots Hi, so this unban request comes with a complaint, as I had been wrongfully banned by a staff member who doesn't even know what's freecam. So first of all, let me tell you a short story #shorts. So this staff member was so humble and so kind, helpful, sensitive, and a nice sweet PETTY LITTLE BASTARD WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO MODERATE ... Whoops, sorry for that, let my anger speak for me. So as I was saying, this person was a nice little fella when... they? (don't know their gender, maybe xe/xem pronouns) were helper. Everything was fine and chill until, they became... a mod. Yes, you heard that right; from being a kind person that stopped doing what they most loved to being a grouch, selfish, and a petulant person who didn't want to help others but only worry about their constructions. My god, I could even write a whole bible exposing them for being a bad person! But... I kinda feel bad for them And by that said, here's my unban appeal: I used freecam, not wallhack. Learn the difference between those two after banning someone incorrectly, please. Wallhack = you can go across walls so you can go to the other side of it. Freecam = similar, but not the same. You can freely explore the world from all your loaded chunks only, and open chests, hoppers, dispensers, etc. from a radius between 2 to 6 blocks, no matter if they're from the other side of a wall/floor or not. (I also wanted to add that I used the hack so you could see that someone with a hacked client could be able to open the chests and steal the signatures, I even let you know about a quick fix for it) Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!
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