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  1. Me and My Friend OluigiGaming Is starting our YouTube Channel And Will be BroadCasting All Its Mini games And Other Survival Servers . I will also changing Be Changing My name to OmarioGaming (Seem Awkward) We Will Post our Videos When We Had Time And When It comes to April We will began our daily videos until June (Because SummerVacation) When We Grow Our Channel we Will be Starting To BroadCast Other Servers For them . That's all . Soon I'll Make a Topic About My Daily Videos. Regards, CrystalSprinkler
  2. Well I would like to suggest this to add this Arena Spleef Plugin : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/arenaspleef/ BattleArena Plugin:http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/battlearena/ Build Battle Plugin : www.spigotmc.org/resources/build-battle.7781/ Thanks !
  3. Days why we need staff their right, you know that many player hacks at ctw but you don't moderate there .
  4. I think It should doesn't have /fly because I think its unfair for normal players, right
  5. New Rank :CapturerElite -Access to new kits How to achieve -Place The Wool 40 times -Kill 60 times
  6. At this game there are basically two teams -Blue -Red Objective -Capture the wool at the edge/side of their base -Place The Wool On your base -The First one to complete it wins Stuffs You always got -Iron Sword -Bow And Arrow -Food -Oak Logs -Glass Tips -Rushing Always Makes You Weak Fight others too -Bridge at the toppest block until Where The wool is stored -Bring The stuffs you got to your teammates which makes ur team stronger -If you see hackers report the immidietly Blacklist of Hackers -Stark -Themastermarcos -endergirl2014 I'll update it as soon as possible Plss Pin xD
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