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Ac V2 Where Are You?


AC V2  

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  1. 1. What do you think about AC V2?

    • I want it to stay, purposely knowing that it's hogging good server space anyways
    • I not like dis. I want dis be gun 4 gud.
    • I like cake.

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What I have noticed is that AC V2 is really dead. It's the most deserted server in the community and I think it's just wasting good server space for other gamemodes.
I will now proceed to add a meaningless poll to this topic which will not affect anything whatsoever but will grant you satisfaction for voting anyways.

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Assassins v2 will get an update after we get this space project live, i can't tell a date yet, but because we must re-code some plugins to ensure better performance and nice features it will take some time, but it will not get closed, we will get it done, we will do an update on ac1 and ac2

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