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El Dorado Pvp Arena


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Hi all,


We in El Dorado have been mulling over the idea of building a grand arena for PvP and PvE tournaments and combat. This arena would be a great way to watch, bet and participate in structured PvP. We are thinking of hosting weekly events, such as a 1v1 tournament, team battles, or any other fun event. This thread is primarily to gauge interest in such an arena and events like this and logistics of getting players easily to the arena. 

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Unofficial Player Run Events

You must not advertise, organise, promote or take part in any unofficial player run events where in game money or items are given away or gambled.



Wow, party pooper XD. No I understand where u r coming from. but the arena is a pvp place. There are no "rewards" there are simply items lyeing about with townperms set to loot XD

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Ok I checked that rule page and it's cool, as long as we have GM approval. That rule is so someone doesn't abuse some kind of duping or hacking, and obviously we here at El Dorado do everything legit, so I'm sure we can work something out with the staff.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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