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[Suggestion] Remove User Permissions - Skywars

ItsIsma29R || Official

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Hi guys!


Not if I'm doing this post in the correct section, seeing that this complaint is decided to put it here. If not, let me know to move it to another. Thanks!


I'm a few days I feel like playing a skywars, but the problem comes when you decide to come and play only games are "Jump God" "OP Chest" etc ... I would like to me and to many users playing that eliminate permits users so they can not vote for the OP Chest, Jump God, etc .. There comes a time that ends up being boring play games with OP items, etc ..

Many will be upset by this post, because they like to vote for certain options that should have users who donate or maintaining the YT range.


I hope I shall note this little complaint and not take it amiss.


Commands/Permissions to eliminate normal users:


- Vote for Type Chest (Basic/Normal/OP)

- Vote Jump Boost (Normal/Big/God)

- Vote for Time (Day/Night)


Thanks for reading and sorry for so many post all kinds.

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