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HI i dont know what happen but today 7 of september i join at 4 PM from here and i have all my items 

but 1 hour later all items was gone and i only still having the first line of my enderchest 

TheKokoLegend have the same problem when powerwarp just give her items 1 day ago 

koko tell me that he have only the first line too , her 9 stacks of blocks 


I need my items back , i only have this proof that is 1 week ago before i change my nickname of minecraft     Ender Before:  http://i.imgur.com/q9xLeYk.png

Ender After:  http://i.imgur.com/Zk4tEAQ.png


Now i had 1 stack of gapples op and no 37

9 Master Assasin Potions 

9 Iron Assasin Potions

3 Rush Assasin Potions that potions are not in the screenshot because i had it on my other account

35 Assasin Masks 

2 Sticks , i get it fishing

And you can see the other items 


Pls Refund Me D:

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I'm giving away so many refunds right now, I think we're going to stop. I don't see what's to stop you from combining your friends items into one enderfheste taking a screenshot and then moving your items into an alt account, then ask for a refund which doubles your items. I don't think we will be refund player anymore, because it's so hard to tell if you're telling the truth.

I'm going to get this inactivity bug fixed, where it purges your items after one month of inactivity. I just refunded x_masterkiller_x because an admin accidentally took his items. But for this type of thing, we won't be refunding anymore.

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