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Well this is a shout out to all the CC pro's that exist here at this community.

Im trying to make a Anti-Ballistic Missile program/script for the iCBM mod. 

However i am interested in how others would go about making one too.


Cough kind of lazy to do the PRO stuff, like using touchAPI etc etc.

Basically i would like to see how other people would write this code.

I havent done much except make one that lacks coordinate tracking.





~Each Silo has its own computer with a modem.

~This program would be for the main ABM masterPC.

  • Must be able to use X, Y, Z coordinates from a radar and send them to Silos.
  • Must be able to track the new coordinates of a incoming missile every 2 sec.
  • Must be able to tell the silo to fire when the radar outputs a RedStone signal.
  • Must be able to control a network of silos and distribute the tasks 1 by 1.
  • Should work with the current design for SIlo PC's.

~Intervals between each launch must be 2 sec, as ABM's can kill each other if too close.

~ABM's kill missiles but can kill each other if they are too close, so min 2-5 sec delay.




~Cool stuff that i'm too bothered to try to do, but could with some help.

  •  A GUI in the form of a radar circle, with a sidebar listing incoming missiles.
  • Possibly prioritize missiles based on their type (if possible) (unknown atm).
  • Record data so that it can make a file list of all missiles its ever detected.


My Programs:

Master Silo Launch PC:



Silo Launch PC:



Abm server (pathetic/works):




Well thanks for the read, hope you can help meh.

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