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Pls Help Brunyman Or Powerwarp


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Hi i need brunyman or powerwarp for help me , BryanTacoMan stole me the premium account of iTzMrPoto_O with the email , and he have the forum account and he are requesting to transfer the sponsor that i transferred from MarijoGamer to iTzMrPoto_O , i am the real owner of the sponsor accs (iiMasterLoL_ , MrFredy_KsC , iTzMrPoto_O you) my account iTzMrPoto_O got changed the nickname to iiFeddeFTS and the forum account got changed too , you Can see on the forum account of iiFeddeFTS that i made a post requesting to add me the vip prefix on forum when i buy vip network with one coupon , so i need help for dont do nothing with my sponsor of MrPoto and ban my accounts iTzMrPoto_O , iiMasterLoL_ , iiCaxperPvP , and someone logged to my account MrFredy_KsC and give all all my items you Can ask some players to confirm all this to OmgImYasso , Ismael18L and caxper

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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