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My Computercraft Program Node.


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Hello all! :D


So, since there isn't a creations subforum, I figured I'd make a thread in general about this.


If any of you like or use computercraft, you often have big lists of pastebin urls. #amirite?

Well, with my new node, you load it up, and once you do, you have access to all of my public lua programs all thru github.


download link: http://pastebin.com/YGAz5nvS

or use pastebin get YGAz5nvS startup.


Usage: Right now, there are only two functions when you load it up. These are:

(<> tags are required, and [] are optional)


dl <id (listed number)> [name]

(if you leave [name] blank, it will save as the recommended name.)


see <id>

(this will simply print the contents of the file from the server.)


If you would like access to the github repository so that you may upload your programs here, aswell, just send me a pm on the forums, or contact me on the Tekkit server x)


If you have any bugs/questions/comments/snide-remarks, leave them in the comments section down below, and I'd be happy to support you :)




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