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Capture The Wool Beta Suggestions Etc.


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Hi folks


I have been playing a lot of CTW lately, mostly on the new beta game. I have a few suggestions that might make the game a bit more enjoyable for people who do not necessarily only place wools and kill other players. The void damage change was good, but here are a few others. Hopefully brunyman reads this


  • Coins for every player who captures a wool. Regardless if it is the first to capture said wool, or even after the wool is placed, it is still an achievement to get to the other team's wools, and should be rewarded. Example implementation is 25 coins for first to capture the wool, 5 for every player thereafter
  • Other ways of killing players rewarded. Few examples of this: knocking a player who then falls to their death, but not into the void, suffocating players, drowning players, fire damage, destroying a block under a player. Maybe make it so that this only applies to the other team, to avoid trolling
  • Coins awarded per damage points, not kills. This will make the game much more balanced, as players who help damage an other player, but not deal the killing blow, will also be rewarded. This might also go well with the previous point.

The next few points I am aware are more difficult to implement, and are just ideas not to be taken too seriously

  • Coins awarded to a player for placing a block, depending on how many people walked on said block. This will bring a lot of balance to the support class, such as players building bridges. Similar ideas to this can be points awarded to a player for: placing a block that arrows hit (shelters), destroying a block that is later walked through (tunnelling) and maybe even some implementation of blocks stopping enemies to get to the wools.
  • More anti-trolling. I've noticed that over the last few days, a new way for trolling has emerged by way of the Lava bucket kit. Some people tower up and throw it down in front of bases, and then it has evolved into throwing water down after the lava and jamming bases up with cobblestone. This ultimately leads to all members of a team trapped in a base, or lava over the spawn area. It can even cause water to destroy the item frames at the blocks where wool should be placed, creating a short cut to get the wool. Maybe make it so that lava and water can't flow/react to cobblestone in a protected area?

Thanks a lot for the awesome game, I am really enjoying it  ;)




PS. If you server admins are not willing to work on this, is there maybe a chance you could send me the CTW plugin scripts? I am not so experienced in serverside mods/plugins, but have been modding for a while and might be able to add these myself


EDIT: did not see the suggestions section, will repost there

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