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[Tekkit][1.7.10] World Automation V1.4A Released!


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Hello everyone! As some of you may know, this pack is (hopefully) going to be used as a new modded server here at CraftersLand (http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/12148-plans-for-the-future/) so I want to keep the community informed of what's new in the pack as we head towards setting it up as a server here.


First off, I've removed the Dimensional Doors mod due to stability issues. I've had multiple reports of the mod causing client crashes, and the mod has not been updated for many months. So, I've decided to pull it for now, and I'm hoping people won't miss it too much :P


New mods include AgriCraft, Dense Ores, ProjectE, and Veinminer. Agricraft works great as a starting source of food and is very easy for new players. Dense Ores adds extra ores that have higher drop rates than the normal ores. For those of you who have played our Direwolf20 server, you're most likely familiar with this mod. ProjectE is the most exciting addition, in my opinion at least, as it is described as being a "complete rewrite of EE2 for newer versions of MC!" So, for those of you who hate EE3 but loved EE2, this mod will hopefully let you revisit some of your blissful memories of EE2. Veinminer is mod that players of our SkyFactory server will be familiar with. This makes breaking blocks in bulk a breeze (try to say that 10 times fast :P ). You assign a key to the mod, and when you press that key and use a tool on a block, it breaks all the of blocks of the same type within a defined radius. 


I'd like to personally add that I want to keep this pack a community project. That means feedback from our players here at CraftersLand is more than welcome! I want to keep this pack focused around it's current idea, World Automation, but I'd be happy to consider mod additions, configuration changes, and well basically any ideas you have for the pack! Please respond to this post if you have any ideas.


Like always, try to break it and kill it! And if you're successful, tell me how! You can download the pack by searching for "World Automation" in the Technic Launcher, or by going to this link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/cl-updt.747803


Thanks for reading guys!


PS: Here's a pretty screenshot of one of the new mods, AgriCraft: http://i.imgur.com/OVqLtbt.png

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Edit: I also have just updated the server build with a new version of KCauldron, which is now up to date and no longer on a "legacy version." You'll need to re-download the new version from the link above. With this new version, required libraries (extra code for it to run) are downloaded the first time you run the server. Thus, starting the server for the first time may take 5-10 minutes depending on your connection speed. After they are downloaded, the server should start normally like it has with older builds.

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