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[Tekkit][1.7.10] World Automation V1.7D Released!


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Hey guys! I finally got around to compiling a new release, so let's dive in!


This release was mostly focused on an "out with the old, in with the new" mentality. Most notably, ComputerCraft has been pulled and replaced with OpenComputers. Please experiment with the OpenComputers mod and tell me what you think. Some people have told me they think it's too limited with the tier system, so I need feedback on the mod! I also pulled Immibis Core, Dimensional Anchors, the Translocators mod, and the Trade Booth Mod. The projects were either abandoned or not many people used them to begin with anymore.


Solar Flux has been replaced with Solar Expansion, as Solar Flux has been known to cause severe lag issues on our SkyFactory server. We've also added PowerConverters, which adds blocks to convert between the different power systems that are included in this pack. Storage Drawers is another nice little storage addon that several people requested to be added. I had plans to add Natura with this release, but it caused massive server lag with those Redwood trees, and then crashed the server after disabling the Redwood trees in the configuration file.


With these changes the mod count has been slightly reduced, and I'm hoping it's fairly fast for most people, even on low-end setups. Like always, download by searching for "World Automation" in the Technic Launcher or by going

here: http://www.technicpa.../cl-updt.747803


Be sure to break it and tell me how you did it!


Future update plans: For now, we are focusing heavily on stability improvements and finding dupe bugs and the like. Our test server ran for 3 days straight without crashing! I'd like to hope that the builds are overall getting much more stable.


A big thank you to KingofPower2828 for identifying a dupe glitch in the pack! And another shoutout to our wonderful testers Beh, Skittles, Monocrame, Rocksmasher99, Slit, Abishoparts, JJWomble, Donvanhugenstyn, djgaz180, and yosefshaked.


Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for reading!

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Version 1.7F released tonight! Balkon's Weaponmod has been pulled since it's no longer actively developed, and we've added some new configuration changes. Also the pack files are now on an enterprise-grade server host with no bandwidth limits, so we should no longer have any bottlenecks with bandwidth :)

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