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I Have A Recommendation For Hippo Plots


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currently there are many problems whit players because they has a duplicate items.


often it is because they just want to fight in pvp without being killed at once.


Why not make another pvp arena in which people can only enter with iron armor, fishing rods and stone swords.


So people could make a pvp whitout getting difficult to get items. And so things will not need to ask anyone


Greetings and hopefully do


Have a good day








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I will say no, and I'll explain why aswell.


As long as it's like a survival server, but with organized plots/mines/forests etc.. you should collect items and upgrade yourself, making a better house, a better armour set, etc..


If you will get an PVP arena, and when you use /warp you'll get automatically items, will be no fun right here. You will not have to worry about your items, and in a short time you will get bored, because you have nothing to do.

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