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  1. [Request] Judge Reinstatement

    Well, anybody can close this topic? I'm really trying to not overreact at the fact that you don't know nothing about my situation, but you still post here like you have to prove your point.
  2. [Request] Judge Reinstatement

    I've never been demoted by anyone, I left the community as a staff member when @ElementSkate was still a Manager. I know we had problems, but as a player.
  3. Ctw Tournament

    Can anybody close and move this to trash can? This topic it's like from another era. @quagma
  4. [Request] Judge Reinstatement

    Hello guys! I haven't been as active in the past few months due to school and an important exam, but now I can finally play more on the server. As the topic suggests, I would really want to get a chance to be a Judge again. I've been playing on Craftersland for 5 years now, had the rank before, etc. I've tried to do my best for the comunity, donated a lot and I feel like I can help. I know i am asking for much, but I hope that everyone understands that I wish to help. My past might not be the greatest, but I can certainly promise to do great for the comunity in the future! Thank you! @Powerwarp @brunyman
  5. [Suggestion] New Section

    I was suggesting a sub-section for forum-related suggestions, I didn't think that far as adding a new sub-forum, anyway there should be a different section for forum suggestions, General Discussion it's such a mess right now
  6. [Suggestion] New Section

    @quagma I know that players may get confused, but usually, every forum got a Suggestion section which is particulary for forum suggestions, General Discussions should be for every topic that is not-related to Minecraft, things to discuss about ourselves, to meet each other. UPDATE: Also I made a poll, you can vote there, thank you for your opinion.
  7. [Suggestion] New Section

    I really believe a ''Suggestion'' section for forum suggestions would be a good ideea, that way General Discussions will be cleaner than now, and a section with a strictly thread model and a poll would be great for everyone. That way we can discuss in depth and debate, until it'll be forwaded to Staff Zone if is the case. @Powerwarp
  8. [Server] [Sa:mp] A Hard Roleplay Server

    @Powerwarp @Skilande_ @Larry Newman I don't think this is available anymore.
  9. Forum warns / Moderator Queue

    Thank you, hope we'll have no problems.
  10. Forum warns / Moderator Queue

    I do remember the last warns and I can admit it was my fault. I asked about them, because in generally after 1 month (when the points expired), not specifically here, you can ask for them to be deleted. Also it's been about half a year since I've been in Moderatoq Queue, in fact it's your decision.
  11. Howdy everyone, I do have a few warns that expired months ago, I'm just wondering if they can be deleted. (points expired already) Also, I am in moderator queue since I left the community, is there any place I can make a request so my situation can be revaluated?
  12. Best Movies In 2016

    I tought it's over 2 years ago lel ... One of the greatest animated series by the way...
  13. Illegitimate's Sanctuary Free2Use A$Ap

    I just look for stocks and I edit them, depending of what type of photo is. Sometimes I make some difficult effects, like the ''sun'' from the car, or whatever. Can't really explain
  14. Avatars 150x250 Banners Logos NOTE: Avatars are just temporray, I'm working out for a new showroom and I just put here some of my old stuff to accompagne banners/logos.
  15. Newer Kickstart Commerical

    What I just saw ... ?

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