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  1. Your Name: Amazingnesss Item Name + Amount: draconium dust x6600Coordinates: my base,cant check coords right now,town name TempestKeepDescription of Issue: The base was rolled back and I lost all the draconium I mined in the end. I talked to a staff member and he said they will refund thatScreenshots (Optional): -
  2. Yes,as I was saying,you must not report the crash if the log says you not to without doing the steps provided by the log itself. Remove Optifine completely and try.Optifine causes a lotta crashes, believe me, and having shaders is not always worth the fight against crashes. I'm not saying that I'm sure it is Optifine causing the problem, but at least give it a try if it says so.
  3. Sorry but you've got to try it without Optifine before reporting it.Even the log says that.Remove Optifine,or install another version of it,preferably newer.And if it's the newest then downgrade a bit.But I'd recommend you to at least try removing Optifine and trying again :/ Good luck
  4. Your Name: AmazingnesssItem Name + Amount: Draconic Sword Awakened cores x4Coordinates: -250 200Description of Issue: Chaos guardian killed me in overworld no grave spawnedScreenshots (Optional): -
  5. okay this turned in something more serious sorry for bad quality pictures but that's it i cant stand there for long https://imgur.com/a/5Wb92bW edit:this problem was fixed ingame by staff
  6. Yes,also looks my base is entirely f'ed up My wasp spawner became a chaos guardian spawner.... My ic2 reactors disappeared... https://imgur.com/a/B6ITX7u Also as you see,there is a chaos guardian spawner with tier 3 upgrades!!!!! We only had 2 wasp spawners with tier1 upgrades My basemate told me that it's more likely someone with hacks mocking us Please help us
  7. I am not a specialist in this field but it surely looks like it tries to render a null item and fails to do that also looks like you have optifine,try removing it I think it would be useful to tell what mods are there,on the 4th tab
  8. Your Name: Amazingnesss (town owner: Skrymaster)Town Name: TempestKeepCoordinates: x-260 z197Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): October 30th, 2019 Description of Issue: I logged in back today and my ME drives were EMPTY.They were full of full 64k storage cells.Also not only my drives disappeared,also some chests with important stuff were empty too.No blocks were destroyed,but the inventories of some were emptied.We do believe that this was grief,because only the most expensive items were stolen. EDIT: We are sure that we didn't mess up town permissions,also we never trust/invite strangers to our town.Screenshots (Optional): https://imgur.com/a/b1LWiO2
  9. Your Name: AmazingnesssItem Name + Amount: I had much stuff in there but I'll mention only the important ones. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS HAD SOULBOUND ENCHANT. Key of the King's law Eye of the Flugel Fruit of Grisaia Ring of Thor Ring of Loki Draconic sword maxed out damage + 1 awakened core to AOE 1 resonant satchel (+ holding 4) THE FOLLOWING DIDN'T HAVE SOULBOUND wyvern set,without any upgrades,I wanted to make one more draconic set with that 18 awakened cores 3 dragon hearts 10 red heart canisters 10 yellow heart canisters 56 yellorium fuel rods 8 control rods Coordinates: x -257 z 187Description of Issue: I was putting ME controllers on market and accidentally put the satchel with the following items on the market too.When I took if off the market listings,it didn't really appear on the market mail.Also the problem with the artifacts is that you can get them only once,and I don't know if it's possible to get them back,idk...Screenshots (Optional): You can come and check my base if you think am lying and didn't have that stuff.Also I usually have 2 enchanted satchels with me,I'll show you some older screenshots,but I only have 1 satchel now.One of the pics is proof for the rollback,one of them is proof I made draconic armor in case of something,and one pic is just random in the End when i made the ritual of stabilization. https://imgur.com/a/1A8PmCo
  10. Yes,I agree,it's impossible to fight the chaos guardian/ender dragon since it always despawns from our render distance...
  11. Your Name: AmazingnesssItem Name + Amount: Grinder x2 Resonant Portable Tank x1 Resonant Servo x3 Warp Itemducts x15 Stabilized spawners x9 Wyvern core x9 Nether star x9 Notched Golden Apple x9 Wither skeleton soul x1 Blizz soul x1 Blitz soul x1 Blaze soul x1 Basalz soul x1 Vanilla Witch soul x1 Zombie soul x1 Cow soul x1 Enderman soul x1 + missing blocks from the altar but will have to check that with a GM in-game. Blood magic items: strongbox enchanted with holding 4 the strongbox had the following items: 2 stack of each tier slate 1 weak activation crystal around 2 stacks null catalysts (from witchery) 32 ritual stones 2 master blood orb 1 master ritual stone 3 sacrificial orbs Coordinates: x -257 z 187Description of Issue: I killed an enderdragon at our base and it spawned an end portal,making a huge hole in our base,destroying most of our mobfarm and blood altar...Screenshots (Optional): -
  12. Good idea to open a new server.I donated 5.50$ to increase the chance for the server xD Good luck!
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