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World Automation Vs Post Blast Benchmarks Fps


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First I must say this - I am not infringing on the closed topic, I was typing this during the time bruny decided. It is still intresting information, and I didn't want to put that type to waste


Congrats rmt, you deserve it just as much as we do, for all the work you put into it.


I took the liberty of comparing the two with FRAPS Benchmarking.


DxDiag information here


This was all done on max settings, and max OptiFine settings on Post Blast. My PC is average rig for most gamers, with a cost of around $600 USD.


Benchmark Results:


Post Blast:

Launch time: Around 6-7 minutes (fresh download)

Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg

 11197,    269960,   1,  70, 41.477
World Automation:
Launch time: Around 5 minutes (fresh download)
Frames, Time (ms), Min, Max, Avg
  8144,    180727,  26,  73, 45.062


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Thanks for the information Jack, it is a useful comparison to have between the packs. I'm not surprised with Post Blast having slightly lower frames, however, with the extra mods and such. Both of those scores seem acceptable to me at least.


Also thank you for the congrats :) Keep up the good work with the Post Blast pack, Bruny still will definitely be looking at it in the future.

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I never hit 1fps that i know of on Post Blast but its interesting to see that you have. My PC though is above average.

Besides being above average its been overclocked on water cooling. So any benchmark from me is irrelevant It's nice to know what a average pc can handle thanks for the info.

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Ah yeah cause 1fps is unplayable even if you hit it for a second or two. And considering the average and max are almost the same as World Automation I was confused why you managed to hit 1fps. But world loading makes sense.

Otherwise it performed very close to WorldAutomation. We removed optifine as for some people it made zero difference, me for example my card went at 120fps (default lock/target of optifine) and with it uninstalled I see the same fps.

I lock with vsync to 60fps though anyways.


For players that optifine actually benefits its always easily added in by them manually.

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