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My name is GTRE. I have a problem with my island and I need a helping hand ...

I state, I'm not English, I don't speak English, let alone don't write it, so I apologize beforehand if there are any grammatical errors.

My problem is that I wanted to shift of level the island (taking it to a height to about 10), and unfortunately I forgot to set the home on it. Unfortunately I died for the Inventory Tweaks bug that made me crashing and just returned rushed. Now, every time I log in, I fall into the void.

So, you can give me aid is involved? I'd be very grateful.

Thank you.

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I saw that the route that you have made me, leading to my grave... The problem wasn't that the grave once they reach my island I recovered easily, but the fact is that when I use the command /home, I come to teletraspostato coordinates X=800 Y=150 (I'm not sure, being that I fall) Z=3803, which are the coordinates of my former island and being that underneath there is not flooring, I fall into the void...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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