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My Island Got Greifed Please Help Me


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I was playing yesterday 21/2 and I logged of to sleep

when I came to the server 22/2 I found most of my machines in my island gone

I asked the admin Timur he said I got greifed and told me to post on the forums

and here is a list for what i lost:

[1] 2 grinders (minefactory reloaded)

[2] 1 harvester (minefactory reloaded)

[3] 1 fertalizier (minefactory reloaded)

[4] 2 deep storage units (minefactory reloaded)

    first one has 9K redstone dust and the other has 2K oak wood logs

[5] 1 FULL (8million RF) resonant energy cell (thermal expansion)

[6] 1 autonomous activator (thermal expansion)

[7] 2 automatic sieves (ex astrits)

[8] 3 ME crafting terminals (applied energestics 2)

[9] 1 ME pattern terminal (applied energestics 2)

[10] 1 sludge boiler (minefactory reloaded)

[11] 6 ME red glass cables (applied energestics 2)

[12] 2 ME storage buss (applied energestics 2)

please help me get my stuff back

and I have 1 team mate in my is but he is my brother we play together he didnt do that

all help will be apreciated :D thank you for your time

and for some reason I couldnt upload screen shots msg me on skype to see photos

skype name: kingstas1

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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