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Lost All My Inventory With A Deep Portal

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I loose all my inventory when i try to use the portal to come back my island, so i die, but i loose my inventory.


i´m premium and i think for my rank i pay to keep inventory right? (not sure :))


Please can u refund my inventory?


I loose...:


3 golden bag

2 ender pouch

all tools of zivicio and enchanted full armor and tools of course( pickaxe, axe, sword, shovel, hoe....


1 holly sword excaliber

1 ring of aesir

1 ring of magnetization

1 fruit of grisaia

1 globetrotter´s sash

1 assembly halo

1 eye of flügel


1 wrench


I think that is all...


Thank you so much.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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