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I have spent a while making a new base on my island but when I tried to change my island home to that location it didn't work. The chat says that I have set my island home to my location but when I use it I just get teleported to the origional part! Yosefshaked had a look but what he suggested didn't work.


Please help because I don't want to rebuild my base again.




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So sorry for the late reply, no reason for it apart from not playing SF2 as often as I used to.


My current home co-ords are:

X: -2000

Y: 143

Z: 5800

(Facing south)


I would like to change them to:

X: -1953

Y: 69

Z: 5802

(Facing east if possible)


Thanks for the quick reply even if I missed it,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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