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Should The Banlist And Chatroom Buttons Be Removed?


Should Banlist and Chatroom be removed?  

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  1. 1. Should the banlist and chatroom buttons be removed?

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    • No

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One thing that bothers me is that players come by all the time and they click on the banlist to see who has been banned, but it doesn't work.  It seems like the website is broken to them.  And then, if they are just joining and trying to login, they click on the chatroom button for help and it's a empty room with just advertisements to dating sites.  Then it seems like the website is really broken and no one cares about it.


There is also really small button on the lower right that says "community rules" that doesn't match with any of the rules.  I wouldn't blame someone for reading those and then accidentally breaking a rule because it isn't clear that those are old incomplete rules that should be ignored.  And the tekkit server is full of abandoned bases people want to be auto deleted.

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