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Crash And Die After Return From Deep Dark

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I just returned and begin to mine on the Deep Dark. However, when I click on the deep dark portal to return the minecraft suddenly crash, when I returned my character already died by falling out of the world and there are no graves when I type /back.

Brunyman, can you roll back my accout into March, 3rd, 12:00am GMT+7. I'm very happy if you can fix this problem

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It contain:

1 obsidian cleaver with fire, mossy stone and beheading enchant

1 obsidian pickaxe with full upgrade, full lvl, have mossy, redstone and diamond upgrade, all are full.

1 obsidian shovel with silk touch upgrade

1 Hammer with lapis full upgrade

1 angel ring (golden wing)

Basically is that, there are some minor items like half stack of cooked pork, 1 reinforced watering can, 1 super builder wand

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