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I Need Some Help


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i wanna be helper (i already made the application )

but if im gonna be it i wanna be ready for it and today i got this report: some one just scammed, me can u give me my items back?


but  i thougth giving items back isnt a good plan. (so i didnt do that) 

i asked if he knows the name of the guy but he didnt remember.


what am i supose to do with this?/how can i help him on the best way.


can some one help me/give me some tips


thank you.



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If someone has cheated to a user, the best thing u can do is: 


- Ask if u remember the name of the user who cheated him

- Ask evidence (screenshots/video) of the scam 

- Help u when it comes to reporting in the forum user who deceived him (following the model)

- Never, never,never, items are returned without having shown proof of this!


Thats what i was doing is the day

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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