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Feed The Beast Trouble


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Hello to all!

I've got a trouble with FTB. When I launch any assembly, nothing running.

I watched an errors:

[00:40:08] [DEBUG] Benchmark.logBenchAs:73: Modpack Loader http://ftb/modpacks.xml took 180 ms.

[00:40:36] [DEBUG] Benchmark.logBenchAs:73: Modpack Loader http://ftb/thirdparty.xml took 28016 ms.

[00:42:17] [ERROR] MCInstaller.gatherAssets:209: library JSON not found


In the first and second error Launcher refers to !HTTP!/ftb/something.xml

But third error not let launch game.

I did my best. I googled about this error, but nothing helps.


Fully terminal output is here: http://pastebin.com/5C0qEguZ


Help me, please.

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