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(this vote is not related to any server or anything official so its just a joke also this is on network pure)


So i declare that  mezopotamia should be mine and i can build it even more better while leo is just a fat king doing nothing to the kingdom while i can make it progress and develop it and thats why i suggest that the kind should be me even thou leo build most of it i still suggest it should be mine for i can better then him at building,getting girls and just a cooler guy then him so vote for sem for the king of mezopotamia ps i would give everyone free hugs if voted for me <3



My family has ruled Mezopotamia for centuries, Casterly Fox, it has been up for so long, it was built under my family's commands, and will only become better, but now the usurper, Sam, has come to take the throne and castle from me, and I will not stand for it, I will prevail, I will make Mezopotamia great again!

I accept anyone who wants to join, I give out many gifts and lands to those who support me and I offer my protection to anyone who decides to join
MAP OF Mezopotamia: http://imgur.com/TpWcfnU
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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