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Were happening u well not? U are warned about this and at the end we find who was the real user who stole account. (sofixmax, mertacar, etc..)

In my opinion and only answer. It is that u`re permanent banned from the server for the following reasons: 


- Stealing accounts.

- Lack of respect to a staff member in the shoutbox

- Laughting at the staff member lying about u was not.


I dont want wvil to anyone.. but hopefully be banned permanently IP and the server if necessary. :)

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  • Manager

We don't really negotiate with hackers. You should've thought about it before hacking sofixmax's account, and desperately trying to prove otherwise. As such, a (soon to be permanent, hopefully) ban has been placed on your account. Like Ismael said, we can only hope it turns into an IP one as well. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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