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Unban Me Pliz


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Please read carefully and follow the guidelines in there if you want to have any chances to get unbanned, thank you.


I am not playing. Either you'll follow the form and respect the rules, or you'll stay banned, get banned on this account for ban evade and get the topic locked and removed. Is there any spanish staff able to communicate with this fella please? I can't seem to get myself understood by him. Thank you.

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En el caso de que dedpelotas hable español.

Por favor, crea un nuevo topic siguiendo el formato requerido para tu peticion de unban. Asi como para evitar baneos debes seguir las reglas del servidor.

Link del formato para peticion de unban: http://forum.craftersland.net/topic/11385-read-before-posting-unban-request-template/

Debes redactarlo en INGLÉS.


In case of dedpelotas speak spanish.

Please make a topic following the unban request format. Also for not getting more bans, follow the rules.

Link of the format for unban requests: ...

Please write it in ENGLISH.

Por favor crea un nuevo topic.

Please create a new topic.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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