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Hello there my names Richard but online I go by Twizted_Twizlerz

I am a youtuber I do minecraft and call of duty videos and am soon going to get into more games I have a lot planned this summer and i am willing to do 2 videos a month for the server :) I am not looking for any special type of commands or permissions I just want the youtuber tag anything else it's up to you if you give me it i hope you will have me on your team :) 

I heard from one of the managers that you have to have

Videos for the server that get 500+ views each one

2 videos a month

1k subscribers i have 957 but my channel grows a lot and I'm almost there :)

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None of your channel seems even remotely related to CraftersLand. In fact it displays other multiplayer servers. I would suggest making some actual CL videos first. Using CL mod packs or servers. 


You gotta work first, then get paid. :D

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I really do like your tenacity, and the dedication involved in making videos. I def. don't have the patience for it. Your body of work overall is pretty great. 


I think you will make some excellent videos for our community. Welcome!


Have you chosen a server to start playing on?

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Twizted... but do you use for video capping? I have a nice mod for regular screen shots and cloud hosting the images... but nothing I have found MOD wise works very well with Minecraft...


Do you use a regular third party Windows app for capping videos?


I found a slew of open source ones, and some 'free' ones, as well as paid etc, thoughts? Anyone?


I am working a project on the WA server, and it would be easier to explain in a video along with a shorter written explanation and a few pointer screenshots. 

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