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I joined this server 2 years ago searching for something fun to play and have a good time. When i first joined i was 11 and honestly had alot to learn. Present day I am turning 13 on July 3rd and just wanted to say thank you to these people that made me happy and have a good laugh on the tekkit and ftb server.  :) In the early days of Tekkit I made friends with Darealrocknrolla, maxstripe, and spoder. I have made more later through my time with the server and here are some of them. I also remember last year on this day I was part of mrbatmans claim and was basically like a teamate to him he stayed up till it was 12 am my time just to celebrate my bday with me on the server. I remember him using fireworks but failed because he didnt make it the right way xD. Honestly thank you to you all


Synntax - Took me in when i was a vip+ and helped me out when i didn't have a base and he was from what i remember a really funny dude.

Maxstripe - cool and funny guy and was mostly the most tech guy

Dareal - someone who both pissed me off and made me laugh alot lol

Spoder - chill guy who will most likely help u in anything

Jack - similar to max and made funny quotes

Mrbatman - Awesome guy :)

Kawaiiwolf - nice and chill dude who will always be there to help and assist

Portalatlas - a scumbag/nice guy lol

Niqf - One of the best staff members i have played with he always is nice and really helps people out that just started like me

Ratchetdude45 - Nice funny and a guy to once he says something he will do it.

sahand12 - dude is nice and helped me out alot in ftb


sorry if i forgot anybody :(

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