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  1. Love the amount of effort put into these <3 Knowing that someone is doing Inktober in the community is awesome
  2. What I meant is when you die you spawn in with a death info that shows the coords of where you died and what Items you had in your inventory.
  3. That's not really enough proof sure it showed that you died there because of the coords but how can we know you didn't make that death waypoint? so include your death info that you received when you died.
  4. the fact that you claimed the chunk he was building on and claimed that he built inside your claim is funny man
  5. He's abused /tpx before and was banned a while back.
  6. You set your password the first time you join the server and you use the password you used during registration to login
  7. In-Game Nickname: ThunderTiger Time and date: September 2 2017 12:22am Description of what happened: ThunderTiger Shared some screenshots via discord of what was happening on the tekkit server with people messing with the computer in spawn and other things that were happening and I noticed that a few of his screenshot showed http://imgur.com/a/cledg which looked highly similar to another mod that I've seen before (PM Me for more info Staff Only) and when he was confronted he said that he was using it to display his FPS and coordinates and that he was using the mod I was talking about unless he misunderstood what I was talking about. Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com) PM me in Discord (Staff Only) Asuka Kurashina#7703 List of eyewitnesses: Mostly just me that noticed it but mostly everyone that was on the Tekkit channel on discord during 12:00am probably saw the screenshots PS: This is mostly a high suspicion, if the user isn't using the mod I'm talking about It'd be nice if he could provide us which mod allows it to display his fps, chunk updates and his Coordinates and if that's the case I apologize. Thanks for Reading <3
  8. A response might take a while be patient <3
  9. Wrong section of the forums someone please move this and also Follow the Rank Transfer Template
  10. Send some pictures of where it had happened AntiMatter can't be dropped by players and can only be done by droppers which is what I've experience a while back not sure if anything had changed so
  11. In My Opinion it didn't breach any rules as it wasn't in someone's protected base so it's fair game if you plan on making any sort of contraptions outside your town I don't suggest it as it's a huge risk until you claim the area itself. So Next time claim the land first then build.
  12. I honestly believe that anything that is an unclaimed area is free game and doesn't break any rules in any case I believe that it's your fault for placing down your stuff first as you should've claimed it first then started building.
  13. World Edit Perms are not going to happen I'll just say that right now.
  14. 5 Years is a bit too much but honestly if your friend can't behave properly then it's his problem, the duration of the amount is somewhat outrageous (love the amount of spelling errors in the warnings and mute you got there) but again if he can't behave properly without insulting anyone and talking in caps or whatever he's doing he's going to be punished for it. and you know maybe next time why not include the entire page instead of just posting the duration so we can actually see the reason why he got muted.
  15. Even though I'm not a staff any evidence that you had me drives is required and have to be included in your post otherwise it'll take way more longer for staff to decide if you're lying or not.
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