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Timed Out


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Lately on SF i'm seeing lots of timeouts. It's impossible to play since after every one there is a small rollback , so all of your work done on island is worthless . Point of this topic is to create some kind of script or team of mods, which will check islands for lag issue. I have already seen such, they have dozens of tech inside and create massive lag. It's good, what people can build up to that but the server won't be able to hold them like that... Yeah, that's all i gotta say, after 4 timeouts in a row... 

Best of luck.

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Never trust people on the internet  ;)


As for ddos, you can't be sure someone is ddosing the server, because anyone could say "Oh, someone is ddosing the server" and you got to remember there's still bugs and other modded stuff in mods that can still crash the server or time out players.


PS: Not trying to put you down or anything, I'm just putting my point out there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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