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  1. The studium will be done sometime in 2017 I think PS: I've posted this, so the people that never saw the video to have a chance to see. Feel free to post your opinions, just keep your salt to yourself.
  2. I'm glad that I'm an faded star, because if World War 3 happens and everything goes to crap, I'm already gone and faded away, just sucks for the people on the ground. RIP dreams and memes 2k16! Plus... Who would ever knew an duck would become the President of the United States... Now the only thing we're missing is a donkey... PS: I dislike politics
  3. I'm currently busy with life mainly, but I'm ok. Thanks for asking PS: I'm going to post a thread in staff zone, sometime today and/or tomorrow explaining more about it.
  4. I'll check it out, when I get some spare time to do so.
  5. Ban time reduced to 1 day, will receive 2nd offense punishment and no chance to get ban time reduce, if it happens again. Topic Closed
  6. You were banned due to Griefing Claimed Territory, which was at spawn using Key of the King's Law to remove the items that were on the item frames. Here's the thing about the whole my little sis was on that day, How would I know that your little sis was playing that day, it could had been you that day and saying "I was grounded that day, but my little sis was playing roblox", just to get unbanned. But I'm not saying you're lying about it, just trying to prove an point on the situation. I'll reduce the ban time from 2 days to 1 day, and I'm pretty sure you can survive one day, but if this happening again you will receive the 2nd offense punishment and I won't reduce the time either.
  7. I'll check it out when I get some spare time to do so .
  8. I've added another section to the guide, where it tells you how to leave an clan. PS: Sorry for not adding it to the guide after all this time
  9. Adding Blood Magic would cause more problems like New York City during rush hour. So, this star votes no on this one.
  10. Problem Solved. Topic Closed
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