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Skyfactory Crash (Client)

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Account Name: ShadowEvolve


Description of the Issue: I login into the server perfectly fine early today, but after like a hour or so, I crash, then I decide to uninstall the modpack and reinstall it to see if it would fix the problem which I was wrong, it didn't fix the issue. Then, I research the things that were causing the crash to see if there was any information about it, which I found information about it, but not a way to fix it. And most of the time it crash right away and sometimes it takes some time like 5 minutes to crash.


Screenshot: http://imgur.com/FhQIuBm - It's the things that are in the red box that's causing the crash



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Go to the modpack file on your computer and find skyfactory, then delete ALL mods empty your trash bin thingy and open the ATLauncher and uninstall skyfactory from there and reinstall it because it will corrupt your game

P.S. It worked for me.

P.S.S. Tell me if it didnt work then ill look for another way

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Also, how much RAM did you allocated for game?

You`ll need atleast 2Gb, i use 4 Gb, it`s well enough. But don`t use all RAM you got on computer, use about half. (i got 8 Gb RAM)


Also, do you use Optifine? If you do, try "Options"/"Video settings", search for "Chunkloading" button, it must be "Default", because sometimes "Smooth" crash client if you got some special block in visible range (Don`t know what block it is, but it crash me every time).

So make it "Default" for sure.

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