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Skyfactory Grief And Need Rollback - Brunyman


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I logged in today to see my island griefed. I am extremely mad at whoever griefed me and I also would like to request a rollback please. The island is owned by me, Marcus and it is at x: -3427 z:609 y:147. The damage done was that all my me system drives were gone, most of my machines were gone, my fluid cows were killed and my complicated me system integration is all gone.  I had Fig3hr look at the damage (he is a helper) and he was pretty sure it was grief. The only island member that was online recently was ___Ethereal but I know very well that it could have been anyone. If you need any help from me in finding this griefer, please contact me. I will do anything you need me to in order to find the rascal. Thanks for the help.  




I want to rollback to July 4th please.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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