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Me System Theft. _Red


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_Red 's Island

In-Game Nickname: JosEffigy

Time and date: July 24 2016

Description of what happened: Got PKed by Pocoyozinho. I was kind enough to let him tp to my private rftools dimension, but he PKed me and wouldn't give back my items. one of those items was my wireless terminal for my me system... the next day(less than 12 hours) i login to find my me drives wiped with nothing inside except items coming from my oregen. I had thousands of ores, especially diamond, and a lot of assorted items. 

Looting a person from pvp is allowed they said, but they never said me drive theft was allowed. if that was the case, who would want to play on a server that doesnt take protection seriously, there are still numerous ways to grief....

please respect my opinions, respect other peoples time because something beyond my control is not my fault.


Screenshots or Proof: Check the server logs. Check pocoyozinho's me drive personally. especially if there are items that are bound by my name. If not then check the whole servers logs.. Pocoyozinho is only a suspect

List of eyewitnesses: Beh, alan1264.

Message to Beh: This is what I feared, why I got so mad, imagine how many hours I spent on everything only to make them dissapear.



i thought you was supposed to encourage players to play in your server. not discourage... and I am definitely discouraged.

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Wireless terminal bound to Security station.

Security station accept only player who placed it (owner), and ID cards owner inserted, so if you didn`t insert his ID card he have no way to get stuff. I think you lie about empty ME drives, because you salty about him killing you. Tho tp killing is allowed, and he can keep stuff if he like. If you worried about him stealing your stuff, break and replace Security station, and wireless link will be lost.

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Can you make list of most noticible items disapers?

So i can compare it with items Pocoyozinho, maybe some Tinker`s tools with specific names, or maybe some specific amount of items, barrels, bags with items, wands, armor with enchants, anything else?


But dont say like "15k iron ingots" because everyone got something like this

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Atm i`m at Pocoyozinho`s island, checking his ME system, and i got proofs he got your stuff, i found your Wireless terminal, he is still linked to your system, and you probably messed up some settings, so anyone can take items out of it.

So, griefing confirmed.


Wireless terminal bound to JosEffigy

Ring of Loki bound to JosEffigy

Key of King Law bound to JosEffigy

Shiny shovel with silktouch upgrade (As JosEffigy sayed)

Zivicio armor with "Timeless Ivy" enchant (As JosEffigy sayed)

Found golden bag full of bags, and RFTools items inside bags got owners JosEffigy and _Red (Jos`s team member)


But also i found somethings suspicious, proving Pocoyozinho is "duper"

for example 200+ chaos shards

66 angel wings (Who need that many?)

13 ME drives 16384k

2 full sets of drac armor

2 sets of draconic weapons and tools

9 "North stars" (Renamed nether stars, yeah, not hard to get, but why 9?)

9 Draconic Flux capacitors (same 9 items, maybe 9 dupe cycles?)

4 unbreakable wands


Also, Pocoyozinho have Network tool wich is banned, and used for griefing.


All ME drives confiscated, Pocoyozinho banned for griefing and suspected in Duping. If he got complains, i`ll listen to him.

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Not drive, but Security station.

You need to place it, and make Biometric card (shift click it) then you can give permissions to use ME system only to you and team member (he need own card aswell)

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Sure you can ask for rollback, but when it will happend i can not predict. Also, server don`t make dayly/hourly world save, so you`ll probably get island rolled to some unknown date.

Also, there still be problem with your items in Pocoyozinho`s ME system. I don`t know how to confiscate them, only you know what items you had. We can do other way, i`ll give you acces to his ME, and you`ll take items you know yours.


But don`t think you can take all of them, you`ll need to explain what and why you taking.

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