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Having All Hive Bees Available To Buy At Spawn


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It's such a pain to go out and not be able to find the bees in the wild, especially if you are looking for a certain species. There are only so many hives in the world and since the server has been running for a while I cant find any Modest bees.


Putting hive bees at spawn will be a great option if one can't find a particular species. Kind of like how the AE presses are available.

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I appreciate this approach.  I'd mentioned in chat that I'd love to see bees/beekeeping supplies added as vote chest rewards, but even having the option to purchase an Attuned bee or something similar would be great.


Although searching the wild can be tedious, I find it relatively easy to get most of the common bees, and Rocky bees are filling up my chests.  Have found a few hives in the Nether as well, that's much harder to search.  My team-mate did find at least one hive in the End, but now we've got to figure out how to raise bees that rely on a Dragon Egg for flower type.   o_o

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