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Pokemon Elites


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To make the server more interesting ,I highly recommended a pokemon master rank such as Elite1,2,3 and 4. Because Who doesn't want to be the best in the server and get the rank named Pokemon Master or Elite?? Showing off to your friends :P.  I think that would make the server more interesting. 


Thank you,



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If you are talking about the minimap that I am using because It does finds pokemons (showing yellow dots) But I only used it to make newpoints so I don't forget the place . Ill be able to remove it if you wish to.


     For the rank, I suggest doing it every month or two. For the perks It would great to have a fun/helpful commands such as...

Elite 1 =  /feed

Elite 2 =  /feed /hat

Elite 3 =  /feed /hat /skull

Elite 4 =  /feed /hat /nickname /workbench




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