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Me System Empty After Update

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Rftools got removed for short period of time due to a server crash which is the reason the dimlets are missing, but Rftools is re-enabled and the server crash is solved. Just Minefactory chunkloaders are still disabled until couple more days. As for a refund, just tell me which dimlets that you lost that were more important to you.

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Here is a list of my important dimlets I had more Dimlets but the most dimlets are useless for me.
Feature Dimlets:


Huge Liquid Orbs,

Material Dimlets:

Draconic ore,

Diamond Block,

Redstone Block,

Lapis Ore,

Gold Block,

(Edit) Minicio Ore

Dimensional Shard ore,

Liquid Dimlets:

Molten Terrasteel

Molten Elemerium

Molten Steel

Molten Dark Steel

(Edit) fluid.witchery:fluidspirit Dimlet


Thanks for the Fast answer



PS: I am going to buy a Clan dimension soon

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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