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Ayuda Con Los Coins! / Help Me!


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estaba jugando normalmente, de repente sali del server y volvi a entrar, pero cuando entre todos mis coins estaban en 0 (cero) qe puedo hacer?, alguin ADMIN me puede ayudar a recuperarlos.

psdt: a alguien mas le paso esto?

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TRANSLATION: I was playing normally when I logged out and back in. However, after logging in all my coins were at 0 (zero). What can I do? Can some admin help me recover them?

PS: Has this ever happened to someone else?

Intenta escribir en inglés en los foros, gracias.

En qué servidor has tenido este problema? Cuál es tu nombre en juego (username)?

TRANSLATION: Try to write in English on forums, please. In which server did you have this issue? Which is your in-game name (username)?

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