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Somebody Scammed Me


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Today somebody scammed me in the No-Premium server (mc.craftersland.net)


I was selling a OP-Bow in the AssassinS v1 for 30 gold, a player called "CROSTI" (Yeah, ALL the name with caps) wanted to buy the bow, until that part, so good, but later i gived the bow to him, he disconnected instantly without giving me the 30 of gold.


So, please ban him for scam, i want my bow back please.


Excuse me if my english is bad, but my main language is spanish (Also, if you can write the response in spanish, i will thank you so much).


Thank you!

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ENGLISH:You need proof of the scam,which is very detailed.A player can have a lot of bows aswell.Press F2 in game to make a screenshot and this will be your best proof!


SPANISH:Es necesario prueba de la estafa, que es muy detallada. Un jugador puede tener una gran cantidad de arcos. Pulse F2 en el juego para hacer una captura de pantalla y este será su mejor prueba!

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