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Need The Advise About Killing Chaos Dragon When It's Hp Drop To Lower Than 25%


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As the title, I've found 4 chaos island and facing 4 chaos dragon. however when it's HP drop down to 25% I cannot hurt the dragon anymore because:

- When I face it, I've been teleported immediately to another place.

- The speed of the dragon is faster than the maximum speed of the draconic chestplate

- Looks like the dragon only get damaged when hitting to the head when it's HP drop to 25% and I cannot do it due to my terrible internet only allow me to see the dragon when it stand on 12 blocks around me.

- The dragon regenerate the crystals and hit it immediately with red balls, the red ball not kill the crystal and create the barrier that prevent me to kill it. During that time the HP regenerate to the point 25%


Everytime I have to require the assistance of GS_Chaoss and other players and only GS_Chaoss can kill it to now. However I cannot stay on his assistance forever and not everytime I login he's there. So I write this topic to want to get the strategy to beat the dragon when it's HP drop to 25%.

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On 10/14/2016 at 11:40 AM, elddrake said:

you might need to incress you cv because i have it at 32 and btw you can hit the red orbs that hunt you and the best weapone is the draconic bow btw i can help you wean im on later today

Thanks, I've increased the render distance but I only see the pillow contain the crystals, the problem comes from my internet with high ping and lag. I also make 1 Enderium crossbow with sharpness IV and the bolt have sharpness IV. It can deal with the dragon when I see it.

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