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Too Much Halloween Bats Causing Crash [Brunyman].

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EDIT: Problem Fixed through /is restart because i was sick of waiting and wanted to play.

Hey Guys,

its SmittenBone here with a bug that used to happend to me and my buddys Island.
First off, we Played on the Skyfac 2 Server and played a few hours within Halloween Event Bats used to appear on the Island cause we couldnt get a helmet this fast and it didnt interrupt us at this time.

After a few hours there were lots of Event Bats on our Island and they were used to fly against an invisible wall a little bit further than our island goes.
Like bugging in the air dropping and getting back on top dropping again.
So we decided to get rid of them an my Buddy got the idea to throw stones (the sieved little rocks) into them.
He hits once and the bat turned into a witch (like they do in the Halloween Event), things turned quickly the witch dropped down at the same moment fireworks flew up from her and he got bugged into the air again and keeps dropping just like the bats do.
Problems evolved since we got HUGE Lagspikes which shutdowns our Minecraft as soon as we get on the Island.

[As a Solution idea I came up with clearing entities cause we aint got any animals etc. yet on our island!]


I'd love to get some help as fast as possible, and im sorry for any bad grammatics i'm from Germany!




EDIT: Problem Fixed through /is restart because i was sick of waiting and wanted to play.

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